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The life science comprises the fields of science that involves the scientific study of living organisms like micro-organisms, plants, animals and human beings. Biology always remain the center piece of the life Science. Some life sciences focus on a specific types like: Zoology(Study of Animals), Botany(study of plants, Anatomy & genetics etc.)

In general Biology recognizes the cell as the basic unit of life, Genes as the basic unit of heredity and Evolution as the engine that create and synthesize new species.

Fable is basically a fictional story that mainly contains animals, plants and methodical creatures that illustrate a moral lession; At the end we added a saying.

Quotation is a repetition of ones expression that are used to illustrate the meaning or to support the argument of the work in which it is been quoted, to provide the direct information about the work being quoted; which can be discussed positively or negatively.

Article is a work that is used to specify the particular type of issue. through article we can spread awareness about what is happening in the world. Promote education, women rights and much more.

Facts are something which has really occurred, which is repeatable and has been demonstrated very carefully with suffiicient and appropriate knowledge.