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Crystal ball gazing, future telling etc- modern fads

Crystal ball gazing, future telling etc- modern fads

'Man is a curious animal. "Alexander Pope" has rightly said that- man is both wise and fool, weak and powerful.'
We see that we have a tendency to know about future through consulting astrologers, crystal ball gazers, tarot cards readers and Palmists. It's out of curiosity. It's a fact that today life is really very struggling, complex and with full of confusion. Nobody knows what is store for them.

So, all consult these to avoid facing hazards of life. We can say that in the absence of security, consistency of human character, man has been going to these fortune tellers. But now-a-days crystal ball gazing, fortune telling through tarot cards reading, consulting psychics etc., has become the latest fashion. It may be because of narrow-mindedness and utter beliefs in what the fortune teller says, but the fact remains that whatever new work we do or undertake to do, our minds go to these future reader's.

This fashion is also due to the fact that this sort of business has become a kind of money making profession for them. They have replaced to some extent the wise old men who were the heads of the families in terms of advisers. Now these self-styled fortune tellers have been earning millions of rupees due to the mis-belief of the superstitious.

So, we need to be rational and understanding rather than wasting money on these modern methods of knowing the future which is never possible.