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Animals cry for help

Animals cry for help

"When the last tree has been died, the last River has been poisoned and the last Fish has been caught then only we realise that we can’t eat money!"
As we are talking about wildlife. So we should know the meaning of wild-Life? And why the various species of the endangered animals have been extinct? Wild-Life is a term refers to animals that are not normally domesticated by humans. They are the living resources and will die and be replaced by other of their kind. Individual animal can’t be kept beyond their life –span, But if manage carefully, population of wild-life can be conserved practically forever.

Did you know that countless animals and birds are killed in the name of the scientific experiments, testing and research? The large scale poaching of wild animals in forests by man is serious threat to the survival of many animals and birds. There are various animals, but let’s take an example of an iconic animal i.e., LION. Who is considered as the "king of the jungle" are decreasing in number? Sports and trophy hunting was cited as the major cause of their decline. Another reason is the population pressure.

Another example is SNAKE who is considered as "Friends of the Farmer" in the sense that they eat vermin’s (rat and mice) which are the pest and damage the crops. But they are also disappearing because they are famous for their skin. So, we should protect them instead of killing. It’s very important to conserve wildlife to maintain the ecological balance in nature. Laws should be made to impose a total ban on poaching of wild animals. The poaching of endangered animals and birds should be made a punishable offense. The natural habitat of wild animals should be preserved by establishing National park, estuaries and sanctuaries throughout the country. Unauthorized cutting of the trees for timber, trade and fuel wood should be stopped immediately.

Lastly, I only want to say:-

Save the wild-life, keep them free from Harm
For they are the God’s creatures, have only charm
Keep them free. Keep them safe
Have some kindness at your place!
By: Noarika