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Nothing worthwhile in life comes w/o a 'STRUGGLE'!

Nothing worthwhile in life comes w/o a 'STRUGGLE'!

One day a Biology Teacher Mr. Aric was teaching his students that How a CATERPILLAR turns into a BUTTERFLY. He told students that in the next couple of hours, the butterfly would struggle to come out of the cocoon, but no one should help the butterfly. Then he left. The students were waiting and it happened. the butterfly struggled to get out of the cocoon and against the advise of the teacher, one of the student took pity on it and decided to help the butterfly out of the cocoon. He broke the cocoon to help the butterfly so it didn't have to struggle any-more. But, shortly afterwards, the butterfly died.

When the Mr. Aric returned, he was told what had happened . He explained to the students that it's the law of nature that the struggle to come out of the cocoon actually helps to develop & strengthen the butterfly's wings. By helping the butterfly, the boy had deprived the butterfly of it's struggle and the butterfly Died.

The friend who had slapped and saved his best friend asked him, “After I hurt you, you wrote in the sand and now, you write on a stone, why?” The other friend replied “When someone hurts us we should write it down in sand where winds of forgiveness can erase it away. But, when someone does something good for us, we must engrave it in stone where no wind can ever erase it.”

Moral: Apply this same principle to our lives. " Nothing worthwhile in life comes w/o a 'STRUGGLE'!