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One day , disciples went to their master and said, Mr Ananvey (thier Master) we all are going on a pilgrimage.
Mr Ananvey: Why you want to go on a pilgrimage trip?
DISCIPLES: so that we can improve our devotion.
Mr Ananvey: okay, do me a favour. Please take this bitter gourd( karela) a kind of vegetable which is bitter in taste along with you and whenever you go and whichever temple you visit, place the blessing and bring it back to me. So , not only the DISCIPLES but the bitter gourd also went on pilgrimage, temple to temple. And finally when they came back , Mr Ananvey said - cook that bitter gourd and serve it to me.
The DISCIPLES cooked it and served it to the Mr Ananvey. After having the first bite, Mr Ananvey said- 'SURPRISING'...
DISCIPLES: what's so surprising?
Mr Ananvey: Even after the pilgrimage the bitter gourd is still bitter. How come ?
DISCIPLES: but sir that's the very nature of bitter gourd.
Mr Ananvey : that's what I am saying. Unless you change your nature, pilgrimage will not make any difference. So, you and I, if we don't change ourselvs no teacher or Guru make a difference in our lives...


"If you think positively,
Sound become music,
Movements become Dance,
Smile becomes laughter,
Mind becomes Meditative &
Life becomes a CELEBRATION..."